In addition to being a keen writer, Anastasia Cole also has an English degree and teaches creative writing and writing skills to teenagers.

Offering affordable, reliable editing and writing services.

Beta Reading

Your draft can be read at any stage, and you will be given a report with notes on each chapter/section, commenting on what works and where there are issues with flow and general story issues.


A detailed, line by line edit of your manuscript will be carried out, and you will also receive a report about the work and your story.

Sensitivity Reading

Your work will be read through the lens of someone who is a queer woman with chronic pain issues. A report will be provided on how well these things are represented in your work, and any suggested tweaks.


Your ideas will be used to create a bespoke story which you are free to use as you wish afterwards.

Cole was amazing to work with! She was very kind with her feedback, but didn’t sugar coat; which made the feedback useful. She provided a detailed report and was even a day early! Thank you so much! I will definitely be contacting you again in the future!!!!!!!

Review June 2020