Current Projects


I’ve been taking a bit of a break from my own writing projects recently; the way the world is at the minute is not ideal for creativity, at least as far as my own is concerned. I’m not focused on any one project, therefore, but just jumping around between stories when the mood strikes me.

At some point (soon, I hope) I’m going to choose one of these projects to focus on and bring to completion, but at the minute, I’m enjoying the freedom to just do what I fancy.

Here is a summary of what I’m working on:

Scandal At Midnight Series 2: A Scandalous Heritage

The sequel to my novel The Scandalous Viscount, in which Frederick Black, bastard cousin of Nick & Elizabeth Balfour, falls for Arthur, a small but furious scandal sheet writer. Together, they discover that the truth about Fred’s heritage is nothing if not scandalous.

This one is fairly close to being drafted, actually.

Untitled Paranormal Romance

Catchy title, eh? This one is about a vampire hunter and how he falls for a cynical newspaper editor who doesn’t believe in vampires. It’s set in the regency era and is m/m.

M/M Highwayman Romance

Again, good title. I actually can’t remember writing the first few chapters of this, but they exist on my Google Drive, and they’re pretty interesting.