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Hi, I’m Ana. I’m a blooming romance author and poet who blogs about the writing process and my own novels.

WIP: The Ghostly Highwayman Prologue

This is absolutely a rough first draft and prone to change in the final novel. The man in the coach was small, slender and utterly unimpressed by the terrifying highwayman currently pointing an enormous weapon at his pretty face. Charlie Archer had been robbing coaches at gunpoint for the better part of five years. It…

Current Projects

Hello! I’ve been taking a bit of a break from my own writing projects recently; the way the world is at the minute is not ideal for creativity, at least as far as my own is concerned. I’m not focused on any one project, therefore, but just jumping around between stories when the mood strikes…

The Scandalous Viscount

It’s released! I’m actually two days late making this post because I’ve been bedridden with a migraine, which is ridiculous, but anyway! If you want to grab it, you can get it at Amazon or Smashwords. Ana x


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