The Scandalous Viscount


Meet our hero, Will Marwood. After his dead brother’s fiancée falls pregnant to a man who won’t marry her, he must either bring the man up to scratch- or marry her himself.

Meet our other hero, Horatio Newton, a bumbling catastrophe of forthright hedonism and a champion of saying the wrong thing. He just happens to be the brother of the man Will Marwood wants to force to marry his brother’s fiancée. He also happens to be in love with Will Marwood.

If you like…

  • regency romance
  • m/m relationships
  • snarky dialogue
  • happily queer main characters

… you’ll like this novel.

Release date: 1st February 2021

The Butler

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Georgie Wall is an up and coming Hollywood star with a secret: he is intensely anxious and feels like he doesn’t belong. When he moves to his new home, he meets Gray, his aloof and serious butler, and sparks fly…

If you like…

  • soft, kinky stories
  • m/m relationships
  • snarky dialogue
  • a gay mc with anxiety
  • an aromantic dom

… you’ll like this short story (11k words)

Release date: 1st September 2020